Corporate YOGA

Teaching for 7 years in the greater San Diego region, Garland Yoga has benefited the corporate community by bringing Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Fitness to their everyday routine.

With years of connecting with corporate staff, Garland Yoga creates a professional environment that fosters community building within a corporate space. A light and open forum for staff to feel comfortable connecting with each other, while experiences physical and mental healing through movement. Transforming any work day into a more productive, clarifying, mindful and peaceful space.

Garland Yoga comes to your corporate location prepared to teach 45 minutes to 1 full hour of any of these methods of peaceful movement to enhance your work environment, health and wellbeing.

Corporate partners Garland Yoga works with:

San Diego Children’s Museum
San Diego Library
Goddess Fest 2016
Yoga 4 Homeless

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For more information on any corporate private session, please contact Garland Yoga by email:

S T A Y H E A L T Y!

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