My yoga journey started in High School in 2001. I was told yoga would help me with depression, ADD and learning disabilities. I opted to replace PE with Iyengar Yoga. After two years of attending Laurie Blakeney’s Ann Arbor School of Yoga, I realized that I needed the calm and focus that the physical practice brought in to my life. I literally felt the small matters in life fall away, I was finally able to focus on the bigger picture. I continued to seek different styles of yoga after graduating High School. I began teacher training in 2009 after moving to San Diego, CA. from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now, I enjoy teaching a variety of yoga styles. Every style I teach has a core of alignment, breath and harmony flow. I believe that any level of student should feel uplifted and empowered by practicing yoga. I work towards making yoga a benefit for everybody!

I enjoy teaching yoga because I love seeing the ongoing transformation in students and myself. What gets me up everyday is knowing I am helping to enrich the community via the peace of mind the physical practice brings about in the union of mind, body and spirit. It is extremely fulfilling knowing that people that I touch with my yoga practice can find healing through the practice, just as I did, whether struggling with depression or any other mental health condition, yoga will help you quiet the mind while the physical practice tones the body. This, plus many other side affects of practicing yoga regularly with me will generate a much more profound and vibrant lifestyle!

Outside of teaching, I am always looking for growth, contribution, community building and a chance to learn something new. In my free time you may find me traveling, climbing, cooking, Building Electric Temple clothing line , sewing, dancing or playing with an AcroYoga buddy.

handstand on mt sol